Arman Alhosseini

Arman Alhosseini grew up in the Kansas City area, and loving the Kansas Jayhawks was ingrained in him as a child. As a sophomore strategic communication major, Alhosseini has thrown himself into his work in the School of Journalism, splitting his time between work at the University Daily Kansan, Media Crossroads, the Agency and KJHK 90.7. 

I was originally an exercise major on the pre-physical therapy track, but spring semester of my freshman year, I just realized I wasn’t in it for the right reasons. I was going into the medical field, and my number one reason was because I wanted to work with athletes. I kind of panicked and then suddenly landed on journalism even though I had no prior experience. I wanted to get involved in everything. I wanted to get my foot in the door early. 

My future isn’t really set in stone yet, but time is moving so fast, and I’m still learning. This is only my first full year in the J-School. I’d like to get into the public relations and marketing side of journalism, but my dream job is to work with a sports team, either in the U.S., or a European soccer team. I’ve always loved sports, but I’ve never been good at them, so I made it my job to learn everything I could about them. 

I had to learn so much so quickly. There’s so much work that goes into what is seen on camera and off camera, and I’m really becoming better educated here. I’m doing a lot of news and information stuff right now because it’s so interesting to me. I like to do strategic communications in the classroom, and then break free and do more news and information stuff outside of the classroom. 

My favorite part of KU is its diversity, but not just racially or religiously. I love the diversity of thought and of behavior and people in general. Here, you live with people you never even knew existed just a few months ago. 

You don’t want to compare yourself to people who are ultra-successful working at NBC, CNN or ESPN, but seeing them, seeing how they made it, that drives me. And not all of them went to Ivy League or prominent journalism schools. Some of them didn’t even take journalism classes, some are old and some are young, but they’ve all worked their way up. I see how confident they are and how confident people are in them, and that once they were just like all of us. That’s super cliche to say, but they had to work tremendously hard, and I might feel like I’m working hard, but there’s always someone right next to me who has it more difficult than I do. 

The end goal might seem unrealistic right now, but there are people who have made it a reality, so why not just do it? 

I wish I could tell my freshman year self: Don’t be afraid, and do what you think you can’t. When I came here, I had this fear of being successful or taking risks within and outside my major. I was more cautionary, staying in my box at first, and I would tell myself that good things are going to happen, and don’t be afraid to test your limits right now.

My parents always thought I was holding myself back and not giving myself enough credit. They pushed me to be proud of what I’ve done and to be eager about what I will do. I can make other people proud, but they gave me that inner confidence to be proud of myself. 

Erin Brock is a graduating senior from St. Louis studying news and information and Spanish language. She was the managing editor of the University Daily Kansan. She plans to pursue a career in media. 

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