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Diversity & You Contest Winners

In the spring semester, the School of Journalism hosts a competition for students to submit photos and videos representing the subject Diversity and You. Entrants have a wide latitude to express their views of diversity as it affects them and others. The Diversity & You contest is an initiative of the School of Journalism's Diversity and Inclusion Action Group. First place winners receive $400.

Below are our 2019 winners:

Photo essay: 

The first place winner in the photo category is Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre, a Lawrence native and sophomore majoring in film and media studies and minoring in journalism. Her last short film, August, was selected to play at both the Kansas City First Fridays Film Festival and the Doc Sunback Film Festival. 

Her series of photos was inspired by a theme that comes up continuously in the media fields she studies: representation. Whether it's in popular media, history textbooks or national monuments, what we see around us becomes normal. It tells us what is the status quo is and what is deviant. "With this series, I wanted to ask the question of whether the people commemorated on the KU campus in sculpture are reflective of the demographics of today's student body, and who might be left out of the story we tell about KU." 


The first place winner in the video category of the Diversity & You contest is Angel Tran, a senior in news and information from Wichita, Kansas. Angel will graduate in May. Her video focuses on her developing perspective of diversity growing up in both Vietnamese and American cultures. As the child of immigrants, she initally struggled with the idea of diversity and balancing two conflicting cultures. Eventually, she saw the beauty in diversity and learned to embrace her cultural differences. 





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