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Faces of the J-School

Students have many reasons for choosing the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and each of them have a story: a before, a during and an after. Their stories don't start with them stepping foot on campus, and they don't end with them walking down the Hill at Commencement and leaving Mount Oread. These stories, written by their fellow J-School classmates, are about their lives, their backgrounds, and their choices.  

Click on each photo below to read more about some the students at the KU School of Journalism.

Margarita Nunoz Arroyo     Nashia Baker     Travis Calvin   
Margarita Nunez Arroyo            Nashia Baker                            Travis Calvin            

Alanna Evans     Lara Korte     Taylor Lewis             
Alanna Evans                            Lara Korte                                 Taylor Lewis                          

Sara Li     Kameron Mack     Dani Malakoff           
Sara Li                                       Kameron Mack                          Dani Malakoff                                                 

Juan Pablo Marroquin     Jose Montoya     Omar Sanchez
Juan Pablo Marroquin               Jose Montoya                            Omar Sanchez                                                                         

Rebecca Schlichting     
Rebekka Herrera-Schlichting