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Scholarships & Awards

University Scholarships

Incoming Freshman
Incoming in-state and out-of-state freshman can earn renewable scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per year. Freshman apply for these scholarships through their application to KU. The scholarship deadline is Nov. 1. Learn more

Incoming Transfer Students
Incoming in-state and out-of-state transfer students can earn renewable scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,500 per year. Transfer students apply for these scholarships through their application to KU. The scholarships deadline is Feb. 1. Learn more

Journalism Scholarships

First-Year Scholarships
The J-School is pleased to award a limited number of scholarships to high-achieving incoming journalism freshmen. Students who have applied to KU and indicated journalism as their major of interest by Nov. 1 will be notified if they have received a one-time scholarship. For more information, contact Himée Kamatuka.

Multicultural Scholars Program
The multicultural scholars program is a scholarship/mentoring program for KU students from under-represented groups. Along with providing students with scholarships, the program helps students with the academic, social and personal transition to a university setting. The program awards scholarships up to $1,500 per year. For more information, contact Associate Professor Jerry Crawford at jcrawford@ku.edu.

Two of the School of Journalism’s former multicultural scholars on the program:

“The multicultural scholars program helped me meet younger, pre-journalism students that I might not have met otherwise,” said Katie Nelson, Shoreview, Minnesota, senior. “The journalism school helped lead me to the internships that formed the groundwork for a career in newspapers.  It exposed me to quality teachers and students with infectious enthusiasm.  And most important, it helped me start developing into the writer I hope to be someday.”

“My first year would have been more difficult without the multicultural scholars program,” said Chris Moore, Tulsa, Oklahoma, junior. “The MCS program helps you with your academic troubles, as well as socially.  Each month we do something as a group and it helps us to keep in touch with each other so we know what’s going on and try to lend our help if possible.  I will always know that my time at KU would have been far more difficult and rough without the MCS program.”

Current Journalism Student Scholarships: Each year, students enrolled in the KU J-School are eligible to apply for scholarships. The scholarship application period is from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1. All students admitted to the school are encouraged to apply. Students who receive KU renewable scholarships should note that the School of Journalism will likely be funding those scholarships during your junior and senior years. Students receiving renewable scholarships should still apply for journalism scholarships; additional funds may be available. Scholarship recipients will be notified in April, and the funds will be awarded for the following academic year.

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Financial Aid

The deadline for filing for financial aid is Dec. 1. Learn more.

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