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Start Right Away

Jayhawk Journalists start working on campus media, taking high-level classes, and getting professional experience right when they get to the J-School.

Current freshmen are...

Interviewing politicians for Political Fiber.


- Eric Pahls, Beloit, Kan.

Writing front-page stories for the University Daily Kansan.

- Emma LeGault, Emporia, Kan.

Delivering the nightly newscast across Kansas and online.

- Ben Allen, Ridge, Md.

Upperclassmen are...

Covering election night on live television.

-Lindsey Mayfield, Overland Park, Kan.

Interning at top-notch outlets.

-Mike Vernon, Houston.

Getting named in Glamour Magazine's Top 10 College Women of 2012.

- Sarah Stern, Lawrence, Kan.

Recent graduates are...

Producing for the best sports shows.

- Tim Dwyer, 2011

Strategically communicating for big brands, like Nike.

- Joe Garvey, 2011

Editing and managing political news.

- Francesca Chambers, 2010